Steps to Help You Figure out Your Passion in Life

We all go through this phase, needing a reason to get up in the morning and trying to enrich our lives by finding or developing a new passion. Later, it might turn out to be your new reason to wake up every morning, brightening your life, and keeping you going. However, it can be very frustrating sometimes trying to find and nurture a new passion. It’s not like finding a lost set of keys! Passion tends to be developed. It’s not only about being intense at what you do, but it’s about waking up week after week, month after month, year after year, wanting to do and only think about the same thing!

I understand how it can be annoying when people give advice and tell you to “follow your passion.” You’d love to if only you knew what it is you’re passionate about! So here, I have developed a list based on my experience during times when I felt completely stuck. It might help you get closer to what you want to be.

Start with the right perspective

If you really want to find something to be passionate about, then you need to be open to possibilities. Because if you’re convinced that finding your passion is hard, or it’s not going to happen for you, then you’ll block all potential possibilities on really finding something.

Clear out the distractions

You need to give yourself time and space away from distractions. I understand that we all have our day-to-day obligations, from taking care of your family, writing that proposal for work or doing your groceries. But, for instance, instead of scrolling through your social media, use that time to do something else that exploits your creativity, imagination, and your critical thinking skills to come up with something that might be your next passion.

Stay motivated

Always remember the bigger picture. There can be some less exciting moments to every journey we take. But the secret is to not let these moments derail you, it’s important to see how well you engage with your passion, it doesn’t matter how dull or small it is, you need to remind yourself that you’re stepping into something that is much bigger.

Avoid burnout 

Make sure to always give yourself some time to rest. Sleep well and remind yourself that you have enough time to accomplish everything that you want. Solve your problems, don’t let them overwhelm you.

Be patient

You never expect yourself to fall in love immediately with someone, especially if you’re still immature and clumsy. This goes the same with finding your passion. You need to give yourself the time to nurture your passion. You should never get bored of it. On the contrary, you should become more and more interested in it everyday.

Think of a passion as an internship

Most internships play as a trial run for every dream job. So, while you’re acquiring skills and knowledge, you’re also testing the waters to see if you want to commit to this particular path or not. You have to just get up and do things. It takes experience and most importantly, it takes trial and error.

WE SAID THIS: Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you!