As 2023 Comes To An End, Here Are Our Team’s Biggest Accomplishments

As the curtain falls on 2023, our team took a moment to reflect on the year’s triumphs and personal growth. In this heartfelt journey, each member embraced challenges, celebrated victories, and found inspiration in their individual narratives. Join us as we unravel the diverse tapestry of accomplishments that define the unique paths of our team members.

Getting Settled

“I think 2023 was the year I pushed myself to try new things not only in work but in life as well. It made me more confident in my decision to move out to Egypt on my own. It’s also when I really tried to be proud of myself and to be my own cheerleader and I did it. So, go Rana!”

– Rana Attia, Senior English Editor

A Year Of Adventures

“My year was all about ticking off items from my bucket list. I got to tap into my adventurous side by riding a motorcycle for the first time and embarking on many solo trips. I also got to do my MBA and even learn a new language.”

– Basim Qurashy, Account Manager

Out Of Comfort Zone

“Getting out of my comfort zone was a big part of my 2023. I did things I didn’t imagine I could do and wrote articles that are totally outside my scope.”

– Aalaa Abdelhakim, Senior Arabic Writer

The Life Juggler

“This was probably my most stressful year to date which is why I think my biggest accomplishment is managing to juggle my very demanding job along with my daily life. I think I’ve also become much more confident as a person and grown tougher skin.”

-Nourhan Khattab, Senior Social Media Specialist

Productivity On Point

“I was lucky because I got to achieve a lot this year from getting consistent with my daily prayers to getting back at doing the job that I love. Despite struggling to do it for many years, this year I was finally able to remove all the negative people from my life.”

– Esraa Elshaer, Account Manager

Getting Through A Rough Patch

“My biggest accomplishment this year was being able to get through a very tough period in my life and slowly learning to find myself again. I’ve learned to rediscover myself and develop a newfound appreciation for the person I’ve become.”

– Ghalia Taman, Junior English Writer

Finding Love

“I started out the year trying to find someone I can spend my life with. So I was truly lucky because at just the beginning of the year, I somehow did meet the love of my life and we are now engaged. I don’t think that is something that happens to anyone so I am feeling very grateful.”

– Ally Eid, Senior Video Editor


As we bid adieu to 2023, the tales of personal victories within our team paint a vibrant picture of resilience, growth, and self-discovery. From stepping out of their comfort zones to embracing new adventures, our team members have not only navigated challenges but have also emerged stronger and wiser.

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