Recapping Scoop Staff’s Favorite Ramadan Shows

Ramadan is a time for a lot of things, one being the shows and more shows. So to end the season on a high, we’ve gathered the Scoop staff’s favorite shows. Across genres and departments, here are the ones that had them glued to their television waiting for the very last episode to air.

Gat Salima

“The most thing I liked about Gat Salima is that it’s truly a well-crafted light show that children have enjoyed for its similarities to Disney films. A strong comeback indeed for Donia Samir Ghanem along with a nice character for Ahmed Khaled Saleh. Of course, Mohamed Salam is making us laugh and he’s got great chemistry with Donia. From the chemistry to the music that hooks you, the show covers many elements that I loved.”

– Jehad Araby, Head of Production 

Mystery Box

“My favorite show this Ramadan is ‘Mystery Box.’ It’s about three friends that receive mystery boxes with items related to people that have gone missing. You’re with them from the start, discovering things, one plot twist at a time. As you sit on the edge of your seat for the big reveal.”

– Ghalia Taman, English Writer

Taht El Wasaya

“I was hooked from the first episode. The characters are so well-written, Hanan’s character especially is amazing. What interests me in this show is that it really makes you have empathy in addition to going through a host of other emotions. Through the simplest details, Mona Zaki makes me have compassion for her. Like her relationship with her kids. The small family moments; or the sibling relationship which is something we don’t see often, children that take care of each other at that age. To sum up, Mona Zaki is really engulfed in this character.”

– Aalaa Abdelhakim, Senior Arabic Writer

Kamel El Adad

“I loved ‘Kamel El Adad’ for it being such a light show. Even though its concept is repeated, I enjoyed everything about it. Particularly the romance between Dina and Sherif, just that us against the world vibe was very heartwarming.”

– Nourhan Khattab, Social Media Specialist

Jaffar El Omda

“I liked ‘Jaffar El Omda’ as the pacing is so well done. Each character has their own engaging storyline that is interesting to watch as the plot unfolds. The director Mohamed Sami has truly upped his game with one, making the show a must-watch.”

– Moony Mohey, Senior Video Editor & Graphic Designer

El Harsha El Sabaa

“What attracted me to ‘El Harsha El Sabaa’ is that it doesn’t just showcase one side to marriage. You get a full picture of both perspectives. It made me feel like the director had a camera inside Egyptian households and that’s truly why I loved it for its realness.”

– Sarah Ali, Creative Producer

Though our staff has loved shows of various genres for various reasons, I have been personally loving a number of shows. Whether it’s ‘Rasheed’ for its heartwrenching moments and unforgettable acting by Mohamed Mamdouh and Reham Abdel Ghafour, the ebbs and flows in ‘El Harsha El Sabaa’ or even the twists that I am yet to uncover in ‘Telt el Talata.’ Let us know what has been your favorite show this season.

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