Scoop Staff Picks: A Look At Our All Time Favorite Ramadan Shows Aired In The Past Decade

They arrive once a year, stretch out for thirty entire days and are packed with juicy drama that leave us on the edge of our seats, yes, we’re talking Ramadan shows. Shows that have stood the test of time as the ultimate form of entertainment to grace our screens every year, no streaming platform has been able to take away from this golden time for Arab shows. Whether it’s a hilarious bout of family fun with the likes of “Nelly and Sherihan” or a deep dive into the twisted stories of female inmates in “Segn El Nesa”, there is something for everyone.

For a bit a fun, we took a little stroll along the Scoop Empire office and asked each employee about their favorite Ramadan show that aired in the past 10 years. Let’s go through the list and see if your own favorite matches up with any of these classics.

Bedoun Zikr Asma or Anonymously (2013)

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“Packed with an all-star cast with exceptional acting skills, this is the ultimate Ramadan show for me that I think everyone should watch. I am a very nostalgic person and that is why this show hits close to home, it takes us back to the 80s and explores huge changes that happened in Egypt during that time. One of my favorite things about the show is how it includes fully developed characters to the extent that even the evil ones were shown in a way that helped the audience empathize with them.”

– Jehad Araby, Senior Video Producer

Leaabet Eblis or The Devil’s Game (2015)

“Youssef El Sherif’s acting was beyond this world, it was phenomenal and the story was very fresh and new, unlike any other Egyptian Ramadan show that I’ve come across. The storytelling is excellent and it’s probably the only show that requires you to watch every single one of its episodes in chronological order to fully appreciate it. The fact that it was packed with plot twists made it quite addictive and my favorite show so far to this day.”

Mohamed Mohy, Video Editor

Wannous (2016)

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“It combines many things, a touch of comedy and some heavy drama with its main plotline exploring the concept of morality and our relationship with the devil or our sins. The entire series is extremely addictive as throughout the show we accompany the main character who ends up selling their soul to the devil to gain access to life’s pleasures. We see his entire journey from making the pact to realizing his mistake. Interweaved in all this thick, juicy drama is a lot of comedy as even the character who plays the devil himself is quite hilarious. I’d also say that the acting duo of Yehia El-Fakharany and Nabil Halafawy is out of this world!”

Nayirah Mohamed, Senior Arabic Writer

Hatha Al Masaa or This Evening (2017)

“I love everything about the show from its incredible cast that includes Ahmed Dawood, Eyad Nassar, Arwa Gouda and Khalid Amar to its powerful and bold plotline that acts as a real conversation starter. Not only was it the first ever show to explore heavy untouched topics in Egypt like cybersecurity and online sexual harassment, it also acted as a launchpad for first time actors like Asma Abulyazeid and Huda El Mufti. The fact that it was written and directed by Tamer Mohsen was the icing on the cake as he managed to excel at setting the show’s melodramatic tone through his masterful use of everything from lighting to the choice of setting. “

Rana Attia, Senior English Editor

Khamsa Wa Nos or 5:30 (2019)

“It’s a Lebanese show and the reason behind why I love it so much was the incredible acting by the lead cast whether its Nadine Nassib Njeim, Motasem Al Nahar or Kosai Khauli. Its story revolves around a dramatic love triangle and every scene packed a real punch with the two main leads always trying to up each other when it comes to impressing Njeim’s character. I always would wait in anticipation for any scene that brings the three together, it’s literal TV gold. Also, I know that to many it boasts a typically overdone cliché sort of plot but it still manages to do it in a fresh and fun way that grabs the viewer’s attention as with every episode there’s always a twist or a surprise that has you craving for more.”

– Aalaa Abd El Hakeem, Arabic Writer

W Nheb Tani Leh or Why Fall In Love Again? (2020)

“I really love this show because its corny but in a good way and its full of affection and romance especially by its main character played by Karim Fahmy who took all the stops imaginable to woo his love interest played by Yasmin Abdulaziz. He did everything you could imagine from naming a yacht after her to doing his hardest to get back with her following their breakup. As Abdulaziz’s character is a divorcee, the show is also pretty refreshing in showing how it’s not taboo for a woman to find love even if she is divorced”

– Nourhan Khattab, Social Media Specialist

El Kabeer Awy 6 (2022)

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“Its pure comedy, it makes me laugh and it’s a great show to watch while eating with the family during Ramadan. The actors are pretty cool and the casting is great with each one given a role perfect for them like Hagras, El-Kabeer Awy played by the amazing actor Ahmed Meky as well as his wife Marbooha who is super hilarious, she was a great addition to the latest season.”

Amr Kamal, Social Media Specialist

It’s great to see that how each of these shows are diverse, showcasing an eclectic blend of genres, stories and characters. That is why every year, families and friends wait in anticipation for the latest roundup of shows so they can relive the excitement of the sheer entertainment offered by the annual Ramadan lineup and not to mention the discussions that follow. This year is no different as there are some exciting shows set to be aired for Ramadan 2023 including Karim el-Shennawy’s “Al-Harsha Al-Sabaa”.

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