6 Arab Ramadan Shows On The Go

Have you ever considered viewing something other than standard television? Is there something new and exciting? Well, I recently discovered a handful of online shows on YouTube that truly brightened my day. The Arab world has a huge number of talented content creators who have been and are continuing to create exceptional and relevant shows. Different from your everyday on screen drama or shows these online creatives are pushing the norm, demonstrating the rise in content creation in Egypt and the Middle East. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of six YouTube shows that will brighten your day and provide some much-needed entertainment!

Nesr El Scene

One of Egypt’s most popular shows right now, follows a bunch of friends as they attempt to become rappers in today’s music scene. They poke fun at how the rap scene is stereotyped, with a satirical twist thrown in for good laughs. It’s well worth your time to watch! This ten minute show is amazing because of the smart editing, camera angles and the way the characters interact. Egyptian rappers have been applauding and spreading this show across their social media platforms and posting fresh videos to urge the production of new episodes.

BingeCircle: The Blind Date Show

Inventive, funny, and daring! The blind date show is unlike any other, as it takes two people on a journey to discover their personalities and how similar or dissimilar they are. They talk about various topics in each round to discover how connected they are, and at the conclusion, they expose their identities and see if they will go on another date together. It’s a lot of fun and can be enjoyed with the whole family.

Peace Cake: Romansya Mansya

Do you like cheesy pick-up lines? Peace Cake’s “Romansya Mansya” takes irony to a whole new level. Safi and Yaya are on the show, and they’re trying to capture the guest’s heart with some ironic pick-up lines. It’s usually a tie, but it’s also a lot of fun to watch!

What If?

Eman Sobhy’s “What if?” show pushes us to explore questions and conceive scenarios that are both entertaining and adventurous. Her episodes takes us on a huge array of possibilities that are sometimes amusing and definitely mind-blowing as she tackles a specific scenario each time.

The Glocal: The Stalkers

Shehata and Jala star in this one, and they normally keep tabs on celebrity news and what projects they’re working on behind closed doors. They both offer the newest gossip on actors/actresses in a witty and unique way that is both engaging and fun to watch as well as the latest in today’s Ramadan shows.


Anas Bukhash of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is well-known for his show, in which he hosts a variety of celebrities from various fields. He inquires about their work, as well as the hurdles they face and how they overcame them to achieve success. The show offers you the full extent of these figures, proving to be quite inspirational!

There you have it! Lighthearted and amusing episodes that can be both entertaining and amusing. It’s a change, and who doesn’t like a change?

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