What If Ramadan Shows Were No Longer A Part of Our Culture? A Shocking Twist On An Old Tradition!

Ramadan is a holy month full of shows that consume the majority of our time. Have you noticed, however, that television shows play an important role in our culture during Ramadan? We spend countless hours watching shows that pique our interest. Nonetheless, have you ever considered Ramadan without television shows? You certainly haven’t! Consider all of the numerous things you can partake in, whether with friends, family, or even by yourself!

Think of this: if you replaced TV shows with interesting activities, wouldn’t you be happier? Wouldn’t getting outside and doing some enjoyable things instead of watching all the advertisements that normally ruin our enjoyment of watching TV shows be more beneficial? Here are some things you can do if TV shows didn’t exist during Ramadan!

Spend more time with family

Spending time with your family is important, but you would spend more time with them if television shows did not exist. You can even have a feast with your close friends for iftar or sohour! Spending time with family and friends is priceless and well worth the effort!

Participate in charitable work

Ramadan is a month that inspires us all to help those in need, and we are frequently overwhelmed by the number of organizations that make the effort to reach out to us through various media platforms. Helping those in need and performing community service activities, on the other hand, is necessary and would be a better use of your time.

Do some fun activities outdoors

Having a picnic or walking by the Nile is something that can rejuvenate your soul and boost your mood. Going for a change is something that mainly affects our mental health and will make use of our time more efficiently.

More time to read

Reading, whether it’s the holy Quran or a normal book is definitely better than watching TV shows and brings us knowledge as well as takes us one step closer to god. It’s a wonderful activity for the mind and the soul.

Dedicate some time for yourself

Meditating, doing yoga, or listening to music are all things that can be done to unwind and be present in the moment. TV shows are sometimes stressful and without them, we would have so much time for ourselves!

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Play sports

When was the last time you went to play soccer in the streets with your friends? I bet it’s been ages! Playing sports in Ramadan is a great way to exercise after consuming so much food in a short amount of time and then sitting in front of the TV for hours. It’s a great way to spend some time and use it in a healthy activity.

While this remains a small possibility, it would be fun to have some change and partake in some fun activities that you’ve always wanted to do!

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