Social Activism Over Selfies: Check out why Yara Shahidi is so Much More Than a Model and Actress

Yara Shahidi is a 20-year-old daughter of an African-American mother and an Iranian father who recently got nominated for the Best Actress in a Comedy Series award for her role in “Grown-ish”. It was a major win for her especially when it came to her scene-stealing red carpet look. Yara has been a true fashion icon to young women everywhere and she always makes sure to embrace her natural looks even when she’s on the red carpet. 

Yara is not only a very talented actress and a gorgeous model, but she’s also a social activist who Oprah wants as future US president, and was supported by a recommendation from Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, acknowledging Yara’s efforts to effect social change.

“I remember I was in one school program where I finished all my history course material a month early,” she told The Guardian. At such a young age, her parents intentionally encouraged her early reading, handing her as many books as they could find to give her the freedom to read and shape her own views of the world.

Yara is a role model, a true inspiration and an unofficial spokeswoman for the younger generation. We’re so excited to see what the future has in store for her.

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