Fashion Flashback: Iran in the 70s – The Golden Era of Cosmopolitan Chic

Stepping back in time to Iran before the Islamic Revolution of 1979, you’ll see a very different country compared to the one we’re used to today.

Back then, Iran carried a secular and Western air where everyone dressed as they liked, making way for a golden era of fashion in the country. Along its streets and crowded malls were women strutting in pops of color, tight-fitting clothes, miniskirts, and short-sleeved tops. It was totally okay for women to show little skin, which today could lead to arrest.

Via Bored Panda

Back in the 70s, dominating Iran were women showing off their bellies in cropped shirts, flexing their legs in bright short yellow dresses and polka dot skirts and showing off their toned arms in tank tops. Posters of cinema stars seen wearing all kinds of bold-colored outfits were also the norm.

It was a completely different world from today; now, Iran is an Islamic state abiding by Sharia law, where extremist ideologies control every aspect of citizens’ lives.

That’s why it’s refreshing to take a nostalgic look back at that special time in the 70s when freedom, fashion, and a cosmopolitan world dominated Iran.

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