Medieval & Oppressed: How Bill Maher Sees Muslim Niqabi Women

Comedian Bill Maher ridicules Muslim women’s right to wear Niqab as spiritual expression in a horrendous mock fashion show.

Bill Maher, 67, is a Jewish America comedian, writer, and TV Presenter who is famous for his ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ political show and also for offending various minorities throughout his career. On Friday, Maher presented a satirical Niqab fashion show that screams Islamophobia and religious intolerance. In the parody show, the models posed wearing a black Niqab swaying and revealing half of their legs-which is not true to the essence of Niqab-along with Maher’s derogatory comments, such as…

“It’s a look that screams, look out world I am a woman of the 12th century”

S2J News

Maher’s remarks are clearly offensive to the Muslim women, especially those who favor wearing Niqab as a spiritual practice. However, he seems to forget that the same Burqa or Niqab are worn among Heredi Jews, Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Christians, which dooms his remarks as downright anti-semitic.

“It is first class clothing for second class citizens”

“Dress it up or dress it down for midnight stoning”

S2J News

Maher’s latest offensive towards Muslims comes after a previous one December regarding the Palestinians in Gaza when he out rightly said in his Real Time show “Israel is going nowhere” calling the ‘from the river to the sea’ slogan, a myth.

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