So You Think Everyone is Judgmental Except You?



We label, classify, categorize and compare people. We convince ourselves that we know what is right and what is wrong, but do not allow others to do the same. Based on our own standards, values and principles, we observe and analyze to reach a final judgment about others’ clothes, attitude, behavior, opinions and lifestyles. Hypocritically, we won’t allow them to do the same to us.

Sogemental and find out what it tells us about your mental state.

Being judgemental can show us a lot about your psychology. It is getting a kick out of making negative moral assessments of other people. It’s enhancing your own sense of moral worth by comparisons with the (supposed) lesser moral status of others. It’s finding satisfaction in seeing others fail because it shows you are better than they are. People who tend to feel morally inferior feel relief when they see others fail; by comparison that they are not so bad after all. People who lack appreciation of their own potential for moral failure enjoy having their false sense of moral superiority reinforced. Those who are judgmental are invested in one-up-manship.

  • We judge those who like El-Ahly, and those who support El Zamalek.
  • We judge those who support Israel, and those who disagree with the Camp David Agreement.
  • We judge those who are too liberal, and those who are too conservative.
  • We judge those who are too pious, and those who choose to be atheists.
  • We judge over-protective parents, and careless ones.
  • We judge those who support the Egyptian revolution and those who are against it.
  • We judge those who want to emigrate from the country, and those who want to stay in it.
  • We judge those who support the current government, and those who are constantly criticizing it.
  • We judge funny light movies, and political serious ones.
  • We judge those who are too funny, and those who take everything seriously.
  • We judge over-priced weddings, and cheap ones.
  • We judge girls who put on too much makeup, and those who do not really care about their looks that much.
  • We judge women who are too girly, and those who are too boyish.
  • We judge overweight people, and (very) skinny ones.
  • We judge those who replace Arabic language with English while speaking, and those who have a bad English accent.
  • We judge those who claim the Friends TV show is not funny, and those who support the Lannisters in Game of Thrones.
  • We judge smart nerdy people, and cool/focusing-more-on-social-life ones.
  • We judge tHoSe wHo WriTe LiKe tHiS and those who use too many emoticons on Whatsapp.
  • We judge those who wear high heels at City Stars or to college, and those who wear flats at weddings.
  • We judge those who use too many #hashtags on Instagram, and those who take bad selfies.
  • We judge those who prefer to be married and work as housewives, and those who prefer to focus on their careers only.
  • We judge those who major in Music or Arts.
  • And most ironically, we even judge those who judge, the ones whom we decided to classify as “judgmental people”.




They say the first step to solving a problem is to be aware of it. When we finally make peace with the fact that we all judge, even in simplest forms, then we will be able to solve the issue. When social pressure is no longer a burden that people face, people will eventually stop comparing themselves to others just so they can feel good about themselves. People will learn how to stop labeling others, analyzing the actions of others or judging others’ behavior. When institutions, schools, companies and governments learn how to stop differentiating between people, or categorizing them, that is when we will live in a peaceful world.



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