Situations Where Newly Weds Feel #3ady_Khales

Okay so, marriage is a big commitment. A very big one. You basically sign a few papers that say for as long as you live, you’re committed to that someone. With those big commitments, come bigger responsibilities. We understand that this might be hard for newly weds, but we’re here to let you know that it’s #3ady_Khales.



When the wife forgets to bring her hair straightener to their honeymoon


Via Tumblr


#3ady_Khales. We’re sure they have hairdressers in Thailand, Greece or wherever you are.



When the wife also forgets to bring her curling iron


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When the husband and wife find out how much schools cost in Egypt


Via Tumblr


#3ady_Khales. Everything in this country at the moment costs a liver, or a kidney. Sometimes both.



When the mother-in-law tries to interfere with stuff that are none of her business 


Via Filfan


#3ady_Khales. You know how they say boys will be boys? Well, mothers-in-laws will be mothers-in-law.



When the husband wants to watch TV but the wife takes over it by stealing the remote and watching cooking shows 24/7


Via Fatafeat


#3ady_Khales. Have you heard of Internet? You can always stream stuff (legally obviously).



When the bawab interrogates every single person that comes to your place 


Via Egyptian Streets


#3ady_Khales. Do we even need to explain it?



When the wife learns that her husband is addicted to renga (smoked herring)


Via Food Network


#3ady_Khales. Honestly though, it’s 3ady khales because General! Yes, the toilet cleaner/freshener will obliterate any trace of renga in your household. Let your other half love renga as much as he wants.



WE SAID THIS: If we missed any other #3ady_Khales situations, please let us know about them in the comments section.


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