Gangwich Will Revolutionize the Way We See Sandwiches in Egypt

Let’s be honest, human beings are complex creatures and we change our behavior based on who we’re talking to all the time. No? Are you the same person when you’re talking to your dad, as well as your friends? NO, YOU AREN’T! Cook Door understands the struggle (watch their new ad above) and has come up with a delicious invention that will solve all of that: Gangwich.



What’s a Gangwich, you say? Well, it’s as it sounds, a gang of four sandwiches that consists of a creamy pepper beef burger, a mustard chicken burger, a jalapeno beef burger and a dynamite chicken burger. To some of you, you’ll probably think that’s way too much food to have, but to the rest of the Egyptian population (which wins at life), more food is nothing to complain about.



The guys over at Cook Door surprised us the other day with their Gangwich, and we couldn’t be anymore happier. After a long morning of dealing with clients and having to be a specific person around them, and then dealing with other clients in the afternoon and then having to do the same thing to your personality, it’s quite refreshing to see that the food giants understand what most people go through.



Whether you like creamy things, a touch of mustard, spicy stuff, the Gangwich will cater to all your needs because it literally has everything. Our favorite was the dynamite chicken burger, but who knows, that might change later with our personality.



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