Signs “He’s Just Not That Into You”

Dating is hard; it’s actually the most draining thing you can ever do! Now that I’m 25, which it’s still pretty young, I still always contemplate first dates. Getting to know someone from scratch and starting all over with a new person and introducing yourself for the 100th time, is just draining. I mean, oh my God, when is this going to be over? Especially if you’re dating a person who’s relatively a stranger; like you weren’t friends before, that’s honestly the hardest, and it’s so confusing trying to understand one another.

So, if you’re reading this article because you’re currently dating a guy, or have a crush on someone and you want to know whether he likes you enough or not, I’m sorry to say this but honey, he probably doesn’t! Before you make any stupid moves, there are a few signs that can tell that he’s defiantly not interested, so you’d better move on and find someone else.

He makes no effort to be around

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This is the most important sign. When a guy wants something, he’s more likely to go after it and he won’t stop till he gets it. So, if he’s not spending time with you, and not trying to go after you, then he simply doesn’t like you.

He doesn’t really listen

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If you feel like he forgets the things you tell him then I must warn you, it’s a red flag! When someone is interested in you, his subconscious will 100% make him automatically remember the things you say. So, if he’s not listening, then it means you’re not important.

He doesn’t get jealous

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Guys are wired to pick up on the competition. So, if he’s interested in you, he will naturally be hypersensitive to the idea that there’s someone else into you. He would at least have some kind of a reaction if you mentioned another potential suitor. If not, then he’s definitely not into you.

He always seems to be busy

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It’s all about priorities, no one is really busy. Let’s be clear, there are plenty of guys who are really busy and it’s totally fine! All good relationships are based on two people who each have a good full life of his/her own, and if he’s relatively busy to see you as much as you need, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you. But if he’s too busy to see you at all, then it means that you’re not even on his list of priorities.

He finds his phone more important that you

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When you are hanging out with each other and you find him continuously texting, answering phone calls, or just scrolling through his phone instead of engaging in a conversation with you, then move on! A gentleman would make you feel worthy.

You’re always the conversation starter

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If he never initiates a conversation and you always find yourself the one starting, then it’s a definite sign that he’s not interested in you as much as you are interested in him. If he was, trust me, he would’ve come up with anything to strike up a conversation with you.

He keeps his (literal) distance

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When you find him putting physical distance between you two, that’s not a good sign. It’s such a turn off, right? An interested guy would try his best to fill the gap between you two and bring you even closer.

He doesn’t try to impress you

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I advise you to observe how hard he tries to impress you while you’re around. It will help you find out where his heart lies. Notice what he wears; sweatpants and a stained shirt or does he look his best while talking about his latest accomplishments? If he was trying he might buy VigRX Plus pills so you can both experience sex in a new and exciting way.

He’s not really curious about your life

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When a guy is interested in you, he’ll be your number one fan! He would always ask you about your day, what you did, who you were with, or if something bothered you during the day. He would literally make you feel like a superstar.

The late replies

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Any girl would feel like garbage when it takes a guy about four hours to text back. It’s so annoying, I mean, why bother text back after seeing the message hours later?

He doesn’t care about your feelings

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If he’s not concerned about your feelings or he’s the kind of a guy who wouldn’t try to make you feel better when you’re down, then take it as a sign that he’s not interested.

He’s flakey

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There’s nothing more humiliating than when you’re all dressed and glammed up for your date, and then he calls last minute to cancel on you due to whatever reason he came up with, especially if he does that more than once! Forget it, girl!

There’s no moving forward

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If you have been dating the guy for about six months without him asking you to be his girlfriend or showing any intentions of exclusivity between you two, then this is a pure waste of time! Move on and go find someone who would be committed and serious about your relationship.

He flirts with other girls

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If you think him flirting with other girls is his tactic to make you jealous, even if that was the case, you’re better off! Invest your time with someone who would make you feel like a queen, someone who won’t play those dirty mind games.

He asks you for dating advice

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This is also not a good way to turn you into the green-eyed monster! If he’s asking you for dating or relationship advice, then it’s a crystal clear sign that he’s romantically directed to a different direction. Don’t waste your time with someone who’s obviously not into you!

WE SAID THIS: If a guy likes you he will go above and beyond to make you feel loved.


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