Youssef Nabil’s Photography Is All What You Need for Today’s Daily Dose of Art!

Art has been the food for the soul since human beings were created. The digital age brought up new mediums of art, opened new visions, and allowed for more ways to express and be creative. Photography is definitely on top of these forms of art, and today, I’ll be highlighting one of the most talented photographers in Egypt, Youssef Nabil.

Via Youssef Nabil

Youssef Nabil was born in Cairo in 1972, and he currently lives in New York. The artistic photographer began his career back in 1992 when he started staging tableaux in which people he photographed acted out melodramas recalling film stills from the Egyptian Cinema’s golden age. Later in the 90s, he worked as a photographer assistant in studios in New York and Paris. He photographed artists and friends, producing both formal portraits as well as placing his subjects in the realms of dreams and sleep, on the edge of awareness, far from their daylight selves.

Via Youssef Nabil

The artist returned to Egypt in 1999 and started developing his hand-painted photography with portraits of writers, singers, and film stars of the Arab world. His hand-coloring evokes a sense of longing and nostalgia and allows his photographs to flicker between our time and another era. His work deserves all the recognition he’s getting and much more.

Check out his website and Instagram account if you’re interested to consume your daily dose of art.

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