Signs That It is Definitely Time to Break up


If you are reading this right now chances are, you are thinking about leaving the person you are in a relationship with. Break ups are a part of life, not a very pleasant one, but no one is exempt from the harsh reality of break ups.


Sometimes they are even necessary in order for a person to grow, and be where they ought to be in life. It hurts to leave a person who means so much to you, but it hurts even more to stay in a relationship were you are unhappy.


It becomes a struggle waiting for the situation to become better, but to no avail. And even though nothing big and horrible has happened, nothing feels right either. If you are looking for signs that it is time for both of you to part ways, keep reading!


You are only in love with the idea of love…


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We are all guilty of obsessing over ‘the idea of love’. Sometimes we get so excited about the idea of getting in a relationship, to the extent that we don’t even take the timr to properly know the person we are getting involved with. It’s almost as if it didn’t matter, until the honeymoon phase came to an end and the endorphins start fading away: this is when we realize that it was all a mere fantasy.


You’re going separate ways…


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You have plans to travel around the world, and they have plans to live next to their family. You both have different life goals and ,while there is nothing wrong with that, you just can’t seem to see yourself with them in 10 years.



You feel fulfilled… just not with them


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When you feel like their presence becomes a burden, and the thought of spending time with them just becomes a chore. That is when you realize something is definitely wrong with the picture. They just don’t dance along with you; they turn the music down altogether.


When you keep trying over and over again…




You’ve tried and tried. You broke up with them, took a break, you went on vacation, then you tried again, but it’s just not happening. Now you just feel bad because you don’t want to hurt them, but you are hurting too.


If staying together means that both of you are going to be miserable, you might just want to reconsider. Are you trying to fix something that can be repaired, or are you simply ignoring the obvious?



Being with them feels like betraying yourself…


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Compromise is important in a relationship and while I’m all for compromise, but not to the extent where it becomes one-sided. If being with them means you are not being yourself anymore, by pretending to like the things they like, and hate the things they hate for the sake of keeping them interested, then do the math and subtract what exceeds.



Passion is dead…


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When both of you would rather sit on your phones for hours, than have a decent conversation with one another, or when they don’t call in the middle of the day for the sole reason to check up on you; that is when you know there is something wrong.



If you are reading this article…


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Deep down you know when love just does not feel right anymore. Deep down you know when you have gotten yourself into a messy situation. Deep down you know that you shouldn’t be with that person. Reading this article is just enough proof.




WE SAID THIS: Head up, stay strong and move on.

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