Shocking Videos Resurface of Successful Female Celebrities Against Women’s Rights

This week, a video surfaced on the Internet of four successful superstars talking against women’s rights. Ahlam, Melissa, Najwa Karam, and Nadine Njeim find themselves under fire after old interviews reappeared on the DW Shabab Talk show.

The biggest Emirati Songstress, Ahlam, apparently can’t fathom the idea of women driving in Saudi Arabia, or going together in a car to perform an Umrah. Meanwhile, Lebanese Singer, Melissa, talked about tolerating domestic abuse and explained that it depends on how hard the hit is!

On the other hand, former Lebanese beauty queen and Actress, Nadine Njeim, was asked about her reaction if her son had an extramarital sexual affair and said it would be fine because he is a man. Najwa Karam, another Lebanese Singer, expressed her worries about women being offered too many rights. Karam further explained that there might be a time when women ask men to feed and take care of babies.


That brings us to the big question; why would a group of extremely successful women not stand for women’s rights and gender equality? Each one of these women has millions of followers; some of which are as young teenagers whos ideas and ideals are still being molded. These ignorant and careless comments have a huge impact on young women.

Same goes for mothers who think it’s okay for sons to stay out late, date countless girls, and act inappropriately every now and then. These are the same mothers who laugh about their sons’ relationships with women. The young men will soon be fathers and the same toxic concepts will be applied to their daughters.

We highly doubt a businesswoman like Ahlam would be okay with being deprived of the simple right of driving herself to places when she travels the world alone for work. She did explain that Saudi Arabia is a holy country that deserves respect, however, when the kingdom allowed women to drive she was one of the first celebrities to congratulate women. So, what’s her deal? Is it a case of being politically incorrect and going with the flow?

And someone as big in the entertainment industry as Najwa Karam. Who is she fooling? Any working woman would kill for her husband to be supportive and help with the baby. That’s the only way a mother can have a career unless you have an army of nannies. Honestly, I would rather my husband gets involved than hire help.

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