How Many Music Videos Will It Take Mohamed Ramadan to Stop Saying He’s Number One?

Dear Mohamed Ramadan, I swear to everything that’s holy on this planet that I got the message that you’re number one. Seriously, you don’t need to make another music video tackling the subject. The whole Middle East got the memo!

Just when you think Mohamed Ramadan’s music career is on hiatus, he shares ANOTHER teaser of a song mainly talking about being the best in everything. Honestly, dude, we all work hard. I don’t see myself writing a weekly tweet saying I’m better than everyone. And I got a surprise for you, we all have enemies and people who want to see us fail.


I absolutely love Mohamed Ramadan and how shamelessly egocentric he is, but he is turning into an Egyptian Kanye West and it ain’t pretty. One song keeps coming after the other about how magnificent he is, how everyone is out there to get him, and how he pushes his limits. Well, I’m pushing my limits by writing a third article about your music choices.

I’m sure you found your calling with your lyric gurus, Shendy and Kanka, but it’s time to find new writers. After posting a teaser of his upcoming new single ‘Amar‘, we can’t help but feel the lyrics are a repetition of Number One and Mafia. Hopefully, you’ve chosen two new writers because believe me, WE GOT THE MEMO!!! Even Bushra got the message after her epic fail at throwing obvious shade at you. I vow to the skies and heavens that you’re number one, but enough already!

Walahi you’re not number two.

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