Nahed El-Sebai Finally Explains Why She Missed Her Own Wedding


Remember the time when most women dreamt of being swept away by prince charming while wearing a big white gown? Well, those days are long gone and now many women seem to believe that marriage and men are not necessities, but rather luxuries.

Less than a year ago, Egyptian Actress, Nahed El-Sebai, made headlines after pulling a runaway-bride and skipped her own wedding. Multiple reports claimed that the couple got into a huge fight the night before; some claimed over money, others believed it was over cheating, which led the bride to not attend the party. In spite of informing the groom and friends that it was over, the party was scheduled as planned and the bride was a no-show.

During an interview with El-Hekaya’s TV host, Amr Adib, the actress explained it all. Apparently, the groom had a fight with someone other than the bride and the universe told her that this is not what she wants or needs. El-Sebai explained that getting married was never a goal for her unless it would truly add something to her life. It just didn’t feel right and she followed her own gut, adding that she already has everything she wants with her family.


Other than the fact that the actress realized she doesn’t need someone to make her happy, what we love about this interview is that her mom admitted that she pressured her into the relationship and also completely supported her decision to leave. She realized that this is not what the daughter wanted, but what the mother wanted.

Following the social norms and allowing yourself to be pressured can be quite detrimental while choosing a life partner. Reality only checks after you tie the knot and live under the same roof. Then it hits you, and if you’re not into it for the right reasons, it hits you hard!

WE SAID THIS: Kudos to Nahed El-Sebai’s mom for setting an example to parents who pressure their kids into living their dreams.

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