Ex Footballer Mido’s New Body Is the Only Summer Motivation We Need


Summer is weeks away and the hundreds of layers that have been covering our bad nutrition choices are going with the wind. In case you haven’t noticed, the time to buy chia seeds, celery, and avocado is upon us. All we need is a little post-winter motivation and ex-Footballer Ahmed Hossam Mido just gave us that.

Mido has been on a weight coaster for years. However, the former athlete wanted to get back in shape and change his lifestyle, so, he took on the challenge by the help of one of Egypt’s biggest fitness coaches, Aly Mazhar. The founder of BeFit 360 took it upon himself to turn Mido into a mean muscular machine in 100 days. We’ve been following the trials and tribulations since day one. Now, it’s time for a shirtless selfie and Mido delivered.



The challenge was not easy by any means. Every few days, Mido posts a video of himself working hard to shed those pounds. Rumors circulated that Mido had undergone surgery to help accelerate the process. Yet, surgery or not, this next photo is not the result of liposuction or a gastric bypass. This photo is the result of dedication, hard work, and choosing the right trainer and nutritionist. Surgery doesn’t give you muscles, working out hard does.


Via Ahmed Hossam Mido


Just wow! The athlete stated multiple times that the challenge is not about losing weight, it’s about reclaiming his fitness. The challenge helped him lose an average of 6 kg/monthly, yet the number later on decreased. This is an excellent show that proves that we can all make it happen. We don’t need to spend a fortune on crossfit or at a nutritionist, we can simply change our eating habits, go for a walk, and google online workouts. We can make this happen!

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