Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb; 10 Things We Learned

Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb” is one of the latest Netflix productions to take the world by storm, and the Egyptian audience was definitely no exception. One of the streaming platform’s biggest strengths is their mission of inclusivity and fair representation, which may be a marketing strategy, but if it means underrepresented groups and communities get their moment in the spotlight, then we’re all for it.

Archaeology and Egyptology are fields that have historically been dominated by westerners that had access to the money and education required. It’s great to finally see more and more Egyptians enter and excel in the field and it’s easy to see that the government has been putting in great effort to educate and train the next generation, making sure the field is no longer exclusive to foreigners.

Seeing a team of Egyptian archaeologists work on one of the biggest discoveries of the decade was an inspiring and surprisingly delightful experience. The dry, jargon-filled monologues were nowhere to be seen, but were replaced instead with the light-hearted and witty sense of humor we’ve all grown to love. A Saqqara farmer provides unique insight into the fact that his life differs very little from that of his ancestors, something only a local could do.

As much as we enjoyed watching the documentary, we also learned a few things! Here are 10 things we learned from watching “Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb”.

1. We’ve apparently been underestimating the love and respect Egyptians have for cats…ALL CATS
2. Sibling rivalry is as old as time itself
3. It’s possible that there was a malaria epidemic long before we previously thought the disease existed
4. Ancient history can be fun
5. It wasn’t only kings and queens who had elaborate tombs
6. Watching an archaeological discovery through the eyes of the locals shows us just how connected we still are to our past
7. Excavations need to be completed before the beginning of Ramadan, just like everything else…
8. Egyptian tombs have a false door that the dead could use to move between the living world and the afterlife
9. Making a big archaeological discovery is as good as finding gold
10. There’s a whole world buried beneath the ground that we know nothing of…there’s so much still waiting to be discovered

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