This Saudi Woman Just Joined Bella Hadid as a Face for TAG Heuer

Arab men have been turning heads, kicking butts and making huge headlines in the international community, but it’s not just about the boys anymore, because Arab women are slaying it just as well — if not more.



Raha Moharrak, the first Saudi woman and the youngest Arab to conquer Mount Everest and the Seven Summits, has just been announced as TAG Heuer’s first Arab female ambassador. It should be noted that Palestinian-American supermodel, Bella Hadid, was also announced as the “female face to the luxurious Swiss watch brand back in February.


Via Al Arabiya


“A story is only as powerful as the hearts and minds it reaches, and being the first Arab female ambassador for TAG Heuer is a powerful way of breaking the stereotype, but it’s also an absolute honor” Moharrak mentioned in a video shot in Zermatt, Switzerland. She also revealed that despite being the first to do many things, it’s her dream to see a generation of girls where there are no longer any firsts.


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