Sabe3 Gar Is back and Tamer Hashem Might Just Get Dumped!

Egypt’s favorite TV series, Sabe3 Gar, has been on hiatus for a few long agonizing weeks. With painful cliffhangers, we’ve been left to our imagination, creating our own scenarios and making even worse life decisions than the show’s characters.

Finally, the series returns tonight and we have so many questions.

Will Mai fall back into her toxic relationship with Ahmed?

Via Via Sabe3 Gar Facebook Page

Will Doaa’s makeup attempt finally lure the “3arees” in?

Via Sabe3 Gar Facebook Page

Will Hala find love in her marriage instead of motherhood?

Via Sabe3 Gar Facebook Page

Will Hisham ever leave the friend-zone?

Via Sabe3 Gar Facebook Page

Is Tarek really divorcing his wife? Will he turn from every woman’s ‘Hottie’ to ‘Oh no he didn’t!’

Via Sabe3 Gar Facebook Page

Can Hany Adel get any more dramatic?

Via Sabe3 Gar Facebook Page

But the one thing we can’t help but obsess with, will we live to see Tamer Hashem getting dumped by an average everyday-type-of-girl?

Via Sabe3 Gar official Facebook page

WE SAID THIS: *Glued to TV screen*

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