Exclusive: Get to Know Egypt’s WWE Star Everyone is Talking About

The WWE Star Mohamed Fahim, AKA Konga, has recently been the only thing people talk about and we can’t blame them, everyone should be proud! We got the pleasure to ask him a few questions and get to know a little about him, his future plans and what he is up to now. 

Konga was brought up in Cairo, he said that as a young boy growing up and in the start of his boxing/wrestling career he aimed to being the Boxing World Champion, and WWE was a mere dream.

His path started in 2006 when he was trained by his brother Khaled Konga, Founder of Konga Fitness. Konga won first place in his championships for the years 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 in boxing, he also joined the boxing national team and won MMA matches in 2013. In addition to that, he won 1st place in a kickboxing championship in 2014 and won 1st place in the show fitness competition and joined couple of El-fit fitness competition and won 2nd place. He played American Football in the national team Cairo Hell Hounds in 2017 and was nominated to be the rocky of the year for season 2017.

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We asked him how he got in touch with WWE and how they discovered his talent he, proudly, told us, “I sent my CV and my sports achievements and my videos of training and pictures of me boxing and kickboxing, and they sent me back an invitation to do the tryouts in Dubai.”

In April 2017, Konga was among 34 athletes representing 18 countries to participate in the WWE’s second-ever Dubai tryouts.There, he was trained and tested over a grueling few days by WWE head coach Matt Bloom, also attended by WWE head scout William Regal. “When I was in Dubai, most of the coaches were happy with me. They said I’m good, I’m coach-able, I’m learning fast. They said ‘we’ll contact you later.’”

 Konga’s advice regarding training and bettering oneself is, “training hard and constantly can make you learn fast and develop your self easy.”

The first fighter Konga hopes to face is the winner of Royal Rumble 2018, Shinsuke Nakamura. What all WWE fans should know that his favorite WWE fighter is The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), and that Kong hopes to one day partner with Randy Orton if he were to wrestle in the Tag-team division. 

Konga prefers to be the Face not the Heel, because according to him, it fits his personality better and of course, when  his ultimate wrestling goal is to fight in Wrestlemania and that he is interested to join Smackdown live.

The champion hopes to make a difference in Egypt so other people can get a chance to achieve their goals just like he did. “The first thing I would like to do if I become a WWE Superstar is to have a WWE school in Egypt, we have a lot of talented athletes that need someone to discover them.” 

Konga dreams of making all Egyptians proud and becoming a WWE Superstar. He hopes Egyptians support him till the very end and follow up on his great achievements in the future.

WE SAID THIS: We are very proud to see our local talents excel internationally!