Tuk Tuks and Zaffas are Taking Over Jeddah and Saudi Arabia is Officially The New Egypt

One thing that stands out in the streets of Cairo, amidst the insane traffic and chaos, is the yellow and black tuk tuk. The music blasting and popular means of transportation in suburban areas in Cairo has finally reached the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we’re shocked.

Anyone who has been to Jeddah would know that the streets are in pristine shape and they’re mainly highways. The Saudi streets are no place for tiny vehicles, yet here we are seeing photos of tuk tuks parading their way in the newly modernized city.

The first time we realized Saudi Arabia was on its way to traffic doom was in 2015; when the mini cars made their first appearance. It’s 2018 and the noisy tuk tuks are anything but a rare sighting. Locals are actually taking selfies with them. If only they knew what is going to happen!

Other than being a simple and cheap transportation option, tuk tuks are used for entertainment purposes and helping tourists with sight seeing.

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Ever since crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has vowed to take the country to moderate Islam, we’ve been witnessing massive changes in the Saudi lifestyle. From finally lifting bans on commercial theaters, women driving to street parades and live performances, Saudi Arabia is going through one of the most positive revolutions in the region.

Just a few days ago, a groom and bride were spotted in a “zaffa” in the middle of the street. If that is not the true essence of Cairo and the Middle East, we don’t know what is.

Other than its religious tourism, the red sea diving sites, shopping sprees, and desert sports the country has so much to offer, and is simply a diamond in the rough.

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