Running in the Time of Coronavirus: The TriFactory is Challenging You to ‘Stay Safe’ and Join Their Indoor Marathon for a Cause

17th Egyptian Marathon Luxor February 12, 2010 Photo: Frank Raecker, Aschaffenburg, Germany +49-172-9271590

The Coronavirus pandemic has unfortunately succeeded in paralyzing almost all aspects of our lives. All of our daily routines have been suspended, especially the ones that mainly focus on our health and wellbeing such as working out at the gym, jogging down your favorite street, or even participating in an event is all now impossible.

Therefore, due to the health concerns related to the virus, many races and marathons have been canceled, however, The TriFactory Egypt had a different idea! Yesterday The TriFactory posted on their social media announcing the launch of the ‘Stay Safe Marathon’, it’s a unique digital race that challenges you to run a whole marathon indoors. All you need to do is run 42K in ten days. All winners will receive special marathon medals that are going to be delivered directly to their homes.

And not just that, there’s an even better reward at the end, as runners will not only receive a medal but they’ll also earn Endurance League Points throughout the challenge. And the best part is that the proceeds of the 200 EGP tickets will go directly towards the Egyptian Cure Bank to help find a cure for the coronavirus.

The TriFactory chose to support the Egyptian Cure Bank because of the remarkable work it is doing in treating underprivileged patients during the coronavirus crisis. The WHO has made it clear that maintaining our wellbeing is crucial to combating the disease, and so we are encouraging people to be active in a safe and responsible manner, and in doing so, support a charity which deserves all the help it can get.

Seif Fawzy, founder and chief operating officer at The TriFactory

The lockdown won’t slow us down, the marathon is going to officially start on April 12th, make sure to visit The TriFactory website to register and download ‘My Virtual Mission App’. And remember to stay safe, and stay active!

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