Barefoot and Brave: Ramy Naouss’ Journey from Cancer to 110km Barefoot Run

Beating the odds and coming out stronger on the other end is Ramy Naouss, the Lebanese influencer who not only beat cancer after seven years of treatment but also, on Sunday, took on the challenge of running over 110 kilometers barefoot in under 12 hours in Expo City Dubai.

It’s a crazy feat, requiring ample resilience and determination to take on such a challenge. In addition to that, it wasn’t even his first rodeo; back in 2022, he ran over 40 kilometers barefoot from Dahye to Batroun. Then, in 2023, he followed that by completing a marathon and a half from Rouche To Beirut.

Via The 961

When it comes to the Sunday run, it wasn’t just special because of how it symbolized his resilience against cancer but also because it was on the same day as the first anniversary of his aunt’s passing from cancer.

His run symbolizes another monumental accomplishment for Naouss, as it marks three months since he decided to abstain from taking medication. This is no easy feat, and it showcases his ability to test the limits of his body and spirit.

Under the special theme of his run, Oum Ya Ensen (rise you human), his journey and run isn’t just a personal triumph, it acts as an inspiration for others to follow in the same path and put their heart, soul, and dedication into accomplishing their goals.

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