A Restaurant in Dubai Is Offering Free Food for Those in Need

Via Ottawa Citizen

The managers of this Dubai restaurant have decided to walk the extra mile and give back to their community with an act of kindness. The good Samaritans noticed some of the new, fresh and young wave of people coming to their country who are also seeking jobs through a recruitment agency, which is why they knew they had to do something to help.


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“If you can’t buy food it’s for free. This is a gift from Allah (God),” reads a small note written in English and Arabic hung on Foul w Hummus restaurant in Al Barsha in Dubai.


Via Ottawa Citizen


“A lot of people, especially the young job seekers that are new to the country, come with limited budgets that sometimes doesn’t accommodate their food expenses. So we thought of offering support in a simple way,” said Ayyad, a 37-year-old Jordanian expat who opened the restaurant in 2009.


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Since the note was recently put up, the restaurant serves free food for over 10 visitors daily — from laborers and young job seekers to families in need of food, but find it difficult to afford.



WE SAID THIS: A truly heart-wrenching initiative.