For the Record: Beyoncé Drops 7/11 Video

beyonce-7-11 (1)


  •  This week, Beyoncé proves she’s fresher than you and everyone else once again with her new “7/11” video, in which she dances and prances around hotel suites looking both completely casual and impossibly sophisticated:



  • And Hozier dabbles in crime with an unlikely partner in his new “From Eden” video:



  •  Meanwhile, Coldplay have released their new interactive “Ink” video, which plays out like a “choose your own adventure” story, starting out with a man washed up on shore and giving viewers the chance to navigate through different scenarios as the character tries to find his estranged love. Check out the video and make your own journey on the Coldplay website here.


  • Iggy Azalea has already teamed up with an impressive number of female vocalists, including Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding, and next on the list might be none other than Britney Spears. Known for answering fan questions directly on Twitter, the rapper let it slip that she’s worked with Spears and that “it was amazing”, but couldn’t offer further information about the collaboration.


  •  Fall Out Boy’s upcoming album American Beauty/American Psycho is set for release on Jan. 20 and will include singles “Centuries” and “Immortals”, as well as this just released title track:



  •  And Meghan Trainor’s debut album is expected on Jan. 13, and will include chart-topper “All About That Bass” and new sassy single “Lips Are Movin”:




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