Reasons Why Having an Opposite-Sex BFF Is Awesome!

Man with cake on his face hugging friend

To have an opposite-sex friend is the kind of relationship that is a must-have in anyone’s life! I know a lot of people are a bit skeptical, wondering whether or not men and women can be in a platonic relationship? But let me tell you, yes, they can. There’s no reason why you can’t consider someone of the opposite sex as your closest companion.

I have been friends with my BFF for more than seven years now, and he’s the best thing that happened to me! Knowing that he always has my back when I need him, that he’s my permanent +1 wherever I go. And whether I get stood-up on a date or when I want to go to the movies, I can always give him a call, knowing that he’s going to be there in a split of a second is just awesome. That kind of friendship is literally better than most relationships anyways and here’s why!

Hanging out with them stirs things up


You won’t get bored, that’s for sure! Friends of the opposite sex will always bring in new ideas to the table, spicing up your life with different interests and hobbies.

They can be an awesome wingman/woman


One of the most important jobs of a BFF is to fix you up with people. When you guys are at the bar, a party, or any social gathering, he/she is the one who sets the perfect opening for you to slide in.

They’re allowed to call you out on your emotional outbursts


They will always tell you when you’re five seconds away from turning into the Hulk! Let’s be honest, they’re the only ones who can put up with your drama and they’re the only ones allowed to call you out on your unjustifiable emotional and dramatic outbreaks.

Your emergency date whenever you need a +1


You don’t have to feel weird going to boring events or gatherings by yourself, you can always take your BFF with you as your plus one. Not only he’ll be the one holding your purse when going to the bathroom, but also, he’s the one you’ll surely have fun with.

You are always allowed to be gross around them


Perks of having a BFF, in general, is to unleash your absolute true self around them, feeling comfortable enough to act yourself.

Your number one backup spouse


The marriage pact, we’ve all been there! Although it’s the most cliché of all, my BFF and I always joke around that if we’re still single when we both hit 30, we should get married.

The honest fashion advisor


The best thing about a best friend is that they’ll tell you their honest opinion without worrying about offending you. This is literally the kind of honesty you need in your life; because if you look like a complete douchebag in that haircut, you need to be told!

You no longer need to be a mind-reader


We all know how hard it is to understand the girl or the guy you’re trying to date, but luckily, having a best friend of the opposite sex is like hanging out with an encyclopedia! They will give you full access to all that you need to know about and how your potential significant other is thinking.

Great hugs with no hidden agendas


Call me sensitive, but sometimes a good hug is all you need. Especially if it was without any ulterior motives, just a simple act of love from your best friend who’s willing to be there whenever you need it.

WE SAID THIS: “Best friends are the ones you can do absolutely anything or nothing at all and still enjoy your time.”