Q&A: Jordan’s JadaL, Pioneers of Arabic Rock in the Middle East

Last Weekend was exhilarating to say the least! You know when you feel like this is a once in a lifetime experience? But then get hit by the realization that every weekend for the next few months, you’ll get the same feeling again! Why? Because this feeling was inspired from being at the first ever event at The Music Tent and it was even more fascinating than anyone could ever dream!

The venue’s location was really easy to get to, parking wasn’t a problem either. The setup took you completely by surprise, showing how much effort The Music Tent had put into and the stage was a sight for sore eyes, quite magical to say the least. When everything goes so smoothly, and you feel the comfort embedded in everything around you, from atmosphere to the entire experience, it makes it a night to remember.

Being someone who had never heard of JadaL before, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. But as soon as they got on stage and started performing, I was hypnotized by how good the music really was! You get lost in their music and without noticing it, start interacting, releasing all the energy you have and feeling a euphoria you didn’t know existed.

To top my night off, I got to meet this awesome band after the concert. Luckily for you, I got to interview them too!


Can you give me a brief background about JadaL?


Photo courtesy: Infinity Egypt

JadaL is a Jordanian band that was founded in 2003. Over the years there have been a few band members that have changed. We have 2 Albums, the first one is called Rock 3araby and the other one is called Makenat which was releaed in 2013. We’re doing quite a lot of stuff like touring, video clips and new releases.



Is this your first time to visit Egypt?


Photo courtesy: Infinity Egypt

No, we’ve been to Egypt quite al ot. We’re lucky to have quite a number of Egyptian fans.



How do you feel after the event?


Photo Courtesy: Infinity Egypt

Very hot! (Laughs), we went crazy at the end which is an indication that we felt entirely at home and that the crowd’s excitement fueled us up to let loose all this craziness, made sure we had a good time as well as the audience.



Give us your feedback about the event


Photo courtesy: Infinity Egypt

We’re very lucky and proud to have played in Egypt quite a lot of times. We weren’t expecting this crowd, but quite a large number turned up and they were all interacting with us. Everytime we come to Egypt, we’re presented by the best audience!



What makes them the best audience?


Photo courtesy: Infinity Egypt

Egyptians are hyper-active by nature. When they’re happy, they jump up and down and show it in every way possible. And as a band, when we find the audience interacting and enjoying themselves, we find ourselves getting more hyped up and giving them the best performance we possibly could! The Egyptian audience is 3an jad a7la jomhour.

The people are like our garden, and this garden was quite imaginary! We might need to thank Red Bull for that! They really did give us ( and the audience) wings!



Did you like anything about The Music Tent’s venue more than the other places you’ve performed?


Photo Courtesy: Infinity Egypt

The stage! It literally captured my heart. It’s spacious, had room for all our instruments and gave us room to move around and go as crazy as we wanted to.  The sound system was also phenomenal, the equipment used and the entire set up was very rich.

We really expect that The Music Tent is going to be the place where all bands wish to perform and that its going to be a great success!

We couldn’t be prouder to be the first band to play here and be the ones The Music Tent chose for their soft opening, even though it wasn’t an easy thing in terms of preparation and organization since we’re a Jordanian band and they got us all the way from Jordan just for the opening.



What are your plans for the future? 


Photo courtesy: Infinity Egypt

We’re supposed to be going to Morocco next and we’re working on a few video clips and releases and then we’ll take it from there. But we hope to come back and play here at The Music Tent many times.


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