The Music Tent: Cairo’s Newest Go-To Spot For Music Lovers


Cairo’s nightlife just got more interesting because The Music Tent is coming to make your week a whole lot more awesome. We’re so excited about TMT opening in Cairo Festival City that we just can’t keep quiet any longer!

music tentThis super exciting new initiative invites music lovers to enjoy a lively, elegant atmosphere to unwind, refresh, breathe in music and breathe out bliss.

Starting from October, The Music Tent will be holding two concerts a week for three months, featuring passionate and talented musicians and singers from Egypt and around the world.

Make sure you have your weekend schedule free, because as of October, there’s nowhere else you’ll want to be every Friday and Saturday night.

From jazz, rock, classic, independent to modern oriental and fusion, The Music Tent will have something to offer to every music aficionado regardless of what genre of jamming you’re into.

Not only that, they’ll also be presenting a wide array of performing arts, connecting you to the inspirational and exciting power of live performances.

Omar Khayrat and Ghalia Ben Ali are just a couple of the musicians who will be featured to make your nights at The Music Tent a truly unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for the full schedule – this is a concert series you won’t want to miss.






WE SAID THIS: To find out more about The Music Tent and stay up to date with their concerts, like their Facebook page here and follow them on Instagram @TheMusicTentEG.