Picture of the Day: Iconic Revolutionary Che Guevara Visits Gaza in 1959 to Inspire an Uprising

Via Not Even Past

Today’s picture of the day is a vintage one that was taken more than 61 years ago, specifically on the 19th of June 1959; Revolutionary Icon Che Guevara pays a visit to Gaza. Although it’s more than half a century old, the picture still sparks controversies and debates, and still inspires the Palestinian fight for freedom and independence.

Guevara was a prominent communist figure in the Cuban Revolution and a guerrilla leader in South America who became a powerful symbol for revolutionary action. He was one of the world leaders that came to see for themselves the devastating results of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine, clearly demonstrated in Gaza refugee camps.

The handwritten text on the picture reads “With Guevara, hero of the Cuban Revolution. Mansion of the Governor General, Lieutenant General Ahmad Salim. Gaza, 1959.”

Via Not Even Past

Che Guevara’s visit to Gaza in 1959 was the first sign of transforming the Zionist colonization of Palestine from a regional conflict to a global struggle against colonialism. According to sources, as Che walked around in Palestinian refugee camps, refugees welcomed him with chants supporting the Cuban revolution.

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