One on One with the Most Adorable Rising Actor, Mohamed Fakharany


In the midst of the Ramadan series marathons and the fuss of deciding what to watch appeared the cutest little boy in two big productions, Saraya Abdeen and Saheb Al Saada.

Mohamed Fakharany is a spontaneous and talented seven year old who was thought to be Yehia El-Fakharany’s grandson, not only because they have the same last name but also for their uncanny resemblance. However, we assure you it’s a rumor.

Mohamed was brought to the world of acting by coincidence, taking part in a couple of small roles before this Ramadan, including in Al Ragel Al Enab, Tamanya fi Al Meya and Al Zoga Al Rabaa. Thanks to his curly hair, chubby cheeks and unbelievable charisma, this kid’s career seems like it will sky rocket in no time.

Mohamed Fakharany on Saraya Abdeen.
Mohamed Fakharany on Saraya Abdeen.

Saraya Abdeen is a period drama about the time of Khedive Isma’il Pasha’s supremacy, focusing on the inside world of the palace. Mohamed’s role was Prince Fouad, Khedive Isma’il’s son, who is a sweetheart among his brothers and sisters and eventually dies poisoned.

Mohamed was tutored etiquette and French in order to be able to master Prince Fouad’s role and there were many teachers on set helping the kids memorize their lines. Days were spent with the kids practicing horseback riding, shooting and learning all the twists of the language of this era.

Although Saraya Abdeen is being intensely criticized for its inaccurate and faulty retelling of historical events, we couldn’t help but love Mohamed’s character and feel awfully heartbroken when he passed away in the series.



Mohamed enjoyed working with the Lebanese actress, Nour who was playing the role of his mother and of course the Khedive, Qusai Khori.

“I loved being part of the series because I felt like a prince and I loved playing with Ahmed Khaled (Prince Tawfik) and Youssef Hassan (Prince Rashid) while shooting,” said Mohamed.

Mohamed Fakharany behind the scenes of .
Mohamed Fakharany behind the scenes of Saheb Al Saada.

In Saheb Al Saada, Mohamed was one of six children who were Adel Imam’s and Lebleba’s grand children. For Mohamed, his role was much easier in Saheb Al Saada and the script was much simpler compared to Saraya Abdeen.

“We were three girls and three boys, we spent a lot of time playing games on the tab and we always did pranks on set. It was really fun and Lebleba got me a present,” said Mohamed.

Mohamed enjoyed working with the whole cast and, in his point of view, Khaled Sarhan was the best actor.



Besides acting, Mohamed loves swimming in the pool, soccer, horseback riding and playing games. He also enjoys going to school to see his friends. Mohamed has dreams of continuing in the field of film and television. He is eager to keep acting, laughing and hugging everyone around him.



WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait to see what this miniature star does next!