Often Under-Appreciated, the Arts Might Just be the Only Way to Get Through the Quarantine

We often disregard it, call it a luxury, and belittle its importance in our lives. However, when the world starts facing unprecedented challenges, it’s the first thing we go to for refuge. Whether it’s singing, dancing, playing music, drawing, coloring, or really any form of art, this is all we’ve been seeking, since the beginning of this crisis, either to feel comfort, to let out emotion, to brighten our day, or even, to kill some time during the quarantine.

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How many posts have you seen on your feed recently, of friends going back to playing an instrument they’ve left over the years, or coloring to relieve stress? And luckily, it’s not just our friends who began appreciating art and realizing its importance in their lives, but organizations too.

For the bookworms, and really anyone who likes to read, even if not often, Dar El Sherouk, one of Egypt’s largest bookstore chains, made its books available on Amazon, Kindle and Google Play store. So even if you haven’t bought any books in a while, you can still enjoy reading.

Ahmed Hayman, Founder of Beit el Sura, a photography and videography school, gallery, and studio, began hosting online workshops, to teach followers through regular episodes on their Instagram account.

In the UAE, Dubai’s AlSerkal Avenue, one of the city’s most renowned cultural hub for artists and art galleries, launched an online platform for people to explore exhibitions from their homes, in 360 view.

You think that’s it? Not just yet, there’s more!

عازف البلكونة (ساعة الحظر متتعوضش)

عازف البلكونة (ساعة الحظر متتعوضش) تصوير قريب Eslam Ali violinist عازف الكمان Kiro Naiem I Photographyتصوير Ahmed Abdallh تنفيذ واخراجMaDoo MashȜlهندسة صوتية

Posted by Eslam Ali violinist on Saturday, March 28, 2020

In efforts to ease the struggle of these tough times, several musicians, in Egypt and Lebanon, took to their balconies to entertain their neighbors, and at times, even sing with them. That, in addition to all the artists who hosted live concerts for their fans, like Tamer Ashour, Massar Egbari, among many others, both local and international.

There were also others who decided to get creative, and use the beauty of art, as well as their skills and talent, in beautifying pieces at home, such as Lobna Ayman, a Business App Developer, who uses paint to relieve stress.

محاولة مش اد كده😏طيب الخطوات اهيه:١) هنضف البرطمان ( مايه وصابون أو اسيتون ايا كان).٢) هندهنه لون ابيض بلاستيك من…

Posted by Lobna Ayman on Thursday, March 26, 2020

At the end of the day, whichever kind of art you choose to spend time doing or enjoying, we assure you that it will definitely be worth your time.

WE SAID THIS: Stay home, stay safe!

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