How to Earn Money With Lootie’s Custom Boxes

Mystery boxes aren’t just luck anymore

The paradigm of mystery boxes is shifting into something new. Lootie and other mystery subscription box services sell their own boxes filled with cool stuff, but there’s one factor that is unavoidable: risk. Every time you open mystery boxes for sale, you are taking a risk with your money, betting on the fact that you will get an item that’s worth more than the cost of the unboxing itself. For several years, there hasn’t been a safe and risk-free way to earn money from mystery boxes. Sure, you can definitely hit the jackpot and rake in a ton of winning prizes, but this isn’t always necessarily the case – especially on bogus sites like Mystery Brand that lie about their offerings.

We here at Lootie asked ourselves an important question – how can we enable users to make money in the mystery box space without them having to risk any of their own? The answer is simple and brilliant: custom mystery boxes.

An introduction to Lootie’s custom box creation service

With Lootie, you can create your own custom mystery box. There are a ton of awesome benefits that this feature brings to our users.

  • Safe income. During the mystery box creation process, you can set your own affiliate cut (which can be any value between 0% and 3%). Creating a mystery box is absolutely free, requiring no investment of your own. Every time someone opens the mystery box you created, you will receive money on Lootie deposited directly into your account. The amount you get is based on the affiliate commission that you select – for example, if you select an affiliate commission of 1.5% and the box price is $200, you’ll get $3 for every unboxing. This adds up fast, since Lootie users all over the globe will be able to access and open your mystery box, which can turn into a stable income for you with no risk involved whatsoever. Who knew mystery boxes could be this profitable without involving randomness or chance?
  • Unfettered customizability. Lootie already has an official and vast collection of the best mystery boxes for players to unbox. However, we understand that each and every user has a different taste in products. It’s only human to like a unique assortment of products, and that specific selection may not necessarily be available in a standard Lootie case. With custom case creation, players are able to select the products they want in their box with ultimate customizability without restrictions. Everything about the process can be customized – add only the items that you want to get, change the odds based on your preferences – you can even set a super cool nickname for your mystery box! We know how stifling it feels to be forced into an item selection on other mystery box websites, which is why we’ve created a no holds barred unboxing experience for everyone.
  • Street cred. Maybe the items you love are also loved by everyone else. Maybe you named the box something really funny, and people are naturally inclined to open it. Maybe it’s just luck. Creating your own mystery box on Lootie opens up your creation to players across the world, and everyone is going to have their eyes on what you’ve set up for them. If your box becomes popular, it’ll be featured on Lootie in the “Top 100 Cases” section of our website. Here, it will receive more visibility, and you’ll be the talk of the town amongst your gambling friends. Your street cred on Lootie will skyrocket – and of course, so will your Lootie wallet balance.

Start earning today!

All it takes is a few clicks – your brand new custom mystery box will be on Lootie in no time. Click here to get started with your first custom case. It’s fun, easy and profitable too. If you have any questions about the custom case creation process, don’t hesitate to send us an email at We’d love to hear from you on Twitter!

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