NOLA Managed to Create a Konafa That Ugly-Shamed Every Other Konafa on This Planet

Via NOLA Cupcakes


Oh dear Lord! Just when we thought the world is coming to an end, NOLA gave us hope; hope in a better life. Egypt’s biggest cupcakery somehow managed to create a konafa that puts every other konafa on this planet to shame.


This konafa is so good that it ugly-shamed other desserts. It looks so disturbingly sweet, it makes Ryan Gosling in ‘The Notebook’ seem eww. This creation basically looks like a Victoria Secret angel. It made my eyes tear up while I wrote a love poem to confess my undying love for it. This konafa is destroying my digestive system tonight.



And they dared use a hashtag that’s called #NOLAGoesOriental. Like hell you went oriental! You went all the way to heaven, came back with the speed of sound and knocked us all unconscious with that #foodporn video. It’s like you have no regards to our cholesterol or metabolism…not that we care anyway.



WE SAID THIS: This konafa is worth the calories. 

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