‘Halawet El Donya’ Has 40% of the Population’s Eye Candy and We’re Boycotting It in Ramadan

Via Sherif El-Leithy


Why would anyone do such a thing? We are quite aware of the effect of eye candy but it’s Ramadan for God’s sake. Why would anyone test our limits and cast four of the Arab world’s finest male specimens in one single mosalsal?


It’s only day three and our senses are already on overdrive due to the lack of caffeine. We are overreacting over everything, we are noticing and hearing everything, we are literally turning into werewolves. One thing that hasn’t definitely gone unnoticed in Hend Sabry’s new series is its male cast.


Via Sherif El-Leithy


A scientific fact for you: Do you know that 40% of the region’s eye candy have major roles in 7alawet El Donya? Some sadistic creature decided to put Dhafer L’Abidine, Hany Adel, Mostafa Fahmy and Ahmed Hatem in one TV show.


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This defies laws of physics, nature and logic. We refuse to believe that a single woman can be acquainted with four men, that look the way they do, in a single lifetime. Stop lying to women. Stop convincing them that they’ll be engaged to a Hany, only to rebound with a Dhafer, and complaining about it to her uncle Mostafa and sister’s boyfriend Ahmed. This is just cruel.


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WE SAID THIS: You’re worse than Ramez Galal. We’re definitely boycotting.