I Rode with a Female Microbus Driver and I Have Never Felt More Empowered

It’s 9:15 am and I’m obviously hating on life because I have to go to work. I stop a microbus like I do everyday, but this time it was different.


Via Aya Gawad


On the first glance I thought I’m stopping a male microbus driver with a scarf on his head, but that wasn’t the case. I did a double take, and with that I discovered that it’s a woman microbus driver. While I was crossing the street to get to the microbus, Beyonce’s Formation instantly played in my head. I started to think about all the feminist icons I know and it made me want to scream, “YASS MICROBUS QUEEN!”


Via Tumblr



Via Tumblr


I was leaving my house groggy and sleepy, but after seeing that woman I felt like I wanted to simultaneously punch the air and all the misogynistic men I’m riding the microbus with. She was such a badass; she had a wad of money in her left hand and a glass of tea in the other, shifting gears and being an all around icon.


I gave her the microbus toll, even though I wanted to thank her for her services/being a feminist inspiration. She said, “thanks, sweetie.” That was the only time that word didn’t bother me.





Honestly, I felt so empowered and inspired to live my best life. The only thing I regret is not taking her number because I legit would have loved to hang out with her. I’d also pay to play her in a movie about her life, I’ll do my hardest to make that happen.


WE SAID THIS: Thank you, Feminist Microbus Queen, for getting me to my destination on time, knowing you exist made my day 100% better.