RamaScoops: Why These Ramadan Ads Have Egyptians Figured Out


The most important season for the advertising world is here, because Ramadan pretty much is the Egyptian version of the Superbowl. The month gets people to patiently wait for the wittiest and most creative ads to ever hit the market.


This year two ads have already caught our attention, due to the simple fact that they have literally nailed every Egyptian personality traits and household activities on the head.



Exhibit A:


Taema Milk’s latest ad for their newest product; white cheese with eshta, literally has taken exposing the inner happenings of every Egyptian household to another level.


The witty copy writing, has a husband and wife bickering due to the simple fact that he has forgotten to bring home the Taema cheese his wife asked for. Which leads to her relentlessly picking a fight over things he had and had not done 10 years ago, leading her to question all in all why she married him in the first place.


The ad’s simplicity is what makes its execution so perfect. It is all based on one main scene, in which the viewer is ping ponged back and forth between the married couple’s bickering; it is that exact argument and the brilliantly written script that keeps you intrigued and chuckling to yourself.


Although the copy may not necessarily make me want to buy the cheese, it does place the brand in a positive/fresh light. By simply highlighting the fact that every couple argues and every woman will miraculously remember every little detail and argument she may have had in the past 10 years with her husband; Taema was able to make this ad very real.



Welcome to every Egyptian household:


Exhibit B:

A major part of the Egyptian society is people’s concern with what everyone thinks about them, and literally wanting everything your friend/neighbor has. God forbid they have something more than us!

Cue Carrier’s latest Ramadan campaign allows us to meet the everyday Egyptian couple; the wife that wants to get exactly what her friend “Mona” has and the husband that thinks he knows everything.

Just like the Taema ad, Carrier concentrated on the witty copy-writing rather than the over the top sets and overpaid celeb cameos.

The female lead’s main concern is getting the exact same state of the art air-conditioning her friend is getting, for the simple reason that her friend isn’t any better than her. While the male lead, throws in his two cents every couple of lines and is positioned as the wallet that will get her said AC.

WE SAID THIS: Both Taema and Carrier win big with us, simple ads with great copy-writing are the way to go!