Saudi Arabian Artist Honours Umm Kulthum With A Magnificent Mural In Riyadh

Umm Kulthum, a Middle Eastern legend, a songstress that has enchanted generations with her beautiful voice. She’s often referred to as “Kawkab al-Sharq,” which translates to “Queen of the East,” and she has long served as a cultural icon to the Middle East.

During her lifetime, the Egyptian vocalist, developed in popularity among people of all ages and received regional and international acclaim for her efforts. Her songs are still played by many people in Egypt because she brings excellent nostalgia to the table. She lives on in the minds of music fans and most definitely the Saudi artist who has created murals of her in Riyadh.

The Saudi mural artist, Noura Bint Saidan painted a magnificent mural depicting Umm Kulthum to honour the great artist. Noura is no stranger to painting celebrities; she previously painted Egyptian musician Abdel Halim Hafez too! Noura is an artist who enjoys capturing life-changing artists who have had a significant impact on our history.

As a result, Noura wanted to make art that will last a long time and inspire future generations to continue to engage with art. She is also encouraging women in the region to pursue their dreams and create work that reflects their identity, character, and culture.

To make painting her murals easier, Noura learnt how to operate a crane and this specific project took her 21 days to complete.

Noura’s ultimate goal is to propagate Saudi art throughout the world and is proud of her murals, which are regarded as some of Riyadh’s most prominent landmarks! This helps highlight how the arts have the ability to communicate and interconnect different cultures. The arts are also a means to connect the past with the future, as well as share different views and perspectives that encapsulate the wonders of our planet.

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