UAE Introduces World’s First Automated Cabs, But Where Will All The Drivers Go?!

Over the years, technology has evolved rapidly and humans have become more reliant on computers and artificial intelligence to complete tasks. In addition, tech developments have meant quicker mass production and have provided more convenient services for people, resulting in increased profit.

However, is profit and maximum output the only two concerns we should have? Isn’t there more to technical advancement than monetary value and social status? There lies plenty of controversy surrounding the larger question of whether or not technology has been beneficial or harmful to mankind over time. With the emergence of the Metaverse, our realities are going to undergo significant alterations very soon.

The idea of self-driving cars has captured the attention of techies and cars enthusiasts all around the world! The thought of a car driving itself is mind-boggling, to say the least! Of course, there are risks involved, but can you imagine how much easier it would be for people to sit back and wait for their car to take them to their destination?! Autonomous cars are the next stage in the tech revolution, and we are excited that the Middle East, particularly the UAE, is embracing them! 

The UAE has made numerous attempts to stay ahead of the pack in terms of creating and deploying technology in its cities… Now, the UAE has announced the fully autonomous taxi project that will transform the country’s tech industry! TXAI is the name of the project, which consists of a fleet of vehicles that will be tested on UAE roads. This is the latest in a series of programs that the UAE has launched to boost technology growth within the country and beyond the region.

How will autonomous cars impact soceity?

Many people would immediately point to “unemployment” as a major consequence of autonomous vehicles. However, there are various variables to consider in this topic, including the fact that although it eliminates the driver’s jobs, these occupations can be replaced with more technological duties such as vehicle tracking and other repair jobs. Furthermore, autonomous cars are subject to hackers, which might result in a Die Hard-style scenario in which hackers take control of the city, but this time it won’t just be traffic lights and power systems, but also cars!

However, there are some advantages to it, since technology is a two-edged sword that has both advantages and disadvantages, just like anything else in life! Autonomous automobiles have the potential to increase transportation interconnectivity, reduce congestion, and provide a greater sense of convenience, efficiency, and reliability. Furthermore, it has the potential to minimize pollution and toxic emissions. It can also provide a wide range of mobility options for the elderly, children, and handicapped.

It will take some time to be certain that the hazards associated with autonomous vehicles are extremely low, as well as the efficiency and reliability that these vehicles must commit to. We are entering a new era of technical advantage, and we must be cautious and extremely responsible.

WE SAID THIS: Autonomous vehicles? Then perhaps we can look forward to flying automobiles in the not-too-distant future!