Creating The Ultimate Winter Capsule Wardrobe

By: Fatima Salahuddin

Are you sick of sitting in front of your overflowing closet every winter morning and evening? Here’s a genius way to get ready in less than 30 minutes every time—create a winter capsule wardrobe! Whether you’re going to the office, grabbing coffee, running errands or just getting out of bed… there are a few winter items that can keep you looking stylish while keeping you warm and comfortable!

Want to know how to simplify your winter clothing yet always look perfectly put together? Here’s how you can create your own high-performance, cost-effective winter capsule wardrobe…

Let’s start with tops

In winter, a basic white t-shirt needs to be replaced with something warmer but equally simple and universal like a long sleeve cotton crew. Get at least two models in neutral colors (white and nude), so you can rely on one while the other is in the wash. Crews can be worn with a cardigan or on their own—they really are a winter wardrobe staple.

Cotton turtlenecks are also a must because these are so universal that you can include them in your fall, winter and spring capsule. And once again, it’s great to have options! If you grab one in black and one in brown, you can create many stylish looks without even thinking. And don’t forget to include your trusted white button-down. This piece is perfect for winter because it can be worn on its own, under sweaters for an academic vibe, paired with a neutral blazer, etc. And if you’re always cold, a wool bodysuit is also a great idea to add another layer that will keep you toasty.

Nothing says winter like a sweater!

Winter is sweater weather, so you must include at least a few pieces into your winter capsule. Start with something basic like a black and/or a gray turtleneck. Wool or cashmere turtlenecks can handle the cold but also fit with any pants or jacket. A crop knitted jumper is also a staple for winter, especially if you love wearing those trendy high-waisted jeans or grandpa pants. If you’re not scared to experiment, a knit dress can also be worn all winter long. If you choose a short-sleeved one, you can pair it with a white shirt underneath and knee-high boots.

Steppin’ out in outerwear

If you want to look fresh and trendy, you need to change your outerwear often, so here come 4 pieces of outerwear for your winter capsule that will never miss the mark. A simple cardigan (one in cream and one in gray) will be your go-to piece for throwing over any outfit. A wool blazer is also perfect both for fall and winter and can be paired with everything from a turtleneck to a button-down shirt.

If you’re looking for something really warm and functional, an oversized puffer jacket will be worn all winter long and very warm. A long winter coat is also essential and it will never go out of style. You can find many different models on Shoppster and even choose the color, but black or otherwise neutral is your safest bet because these colors can be paired with anything and everything, as well as worn all through fall, winter and early spring. Invest in something high-quality and your coat will be functional for years to come!

Basic bottoms are a must!

Black leggings are part of every wardrobe capsule, winter included—they are the most comfortable and versatile piece of clothing out there. If you’re aiming for a sporty look, pair your leggings with a crewneck and black coat and white sneakers. For something more elevated, you can combine leggings, a coat, a chunky scarf and knee-high boots.

Next, you definitely need jeans—and different kinds of jeans. According to winter capsule designers, there are 3 models to be worn during the winter season…

  1. Cropped blue jeans (so you can wear them with ankle boots)
  2. Black skinny jeans (pair well with any style of coat)
  3. Gray straight jeans (they look great with knitwear)

Bonus: make sure to make space in your winter capsule for at least one pair of woollen trousers!

You can never have too many shoes.

You can easily just set aside 5 pairs of different winter shoes and survive the winter in class and warmth. Start with classic Chelsea boots that will elevate your every outfit. If your old pair is a little beat up, you can renew your collection with super-trendy black ankle boots leaning to a chunkier side. Dr Martens boots are also practical, especially if you want to add some edge to your casual outfits. Suede ankle booties are perfect for office and nights out, while high cream boots will keep your feet dry and warm in even the deepest snow. For those nicer winter days, white trainers will be your savior. They can be paired with anything and worn on almost any occasion.

Don’t forget to add a few accessories like a beret, a chunky scarf and some warm gloves and you’ll be ready to handle anything that winter throws at you!

WE SAID THIS: With these tips you’ll have the perfect winter capsule wardrobe that will let you have those extra moments to lay in bed in the morning!