Naira Ashraf’s Family Files For A 10 Million EGP Compensation

Months after the brutal murder of Naira Ashraf, a court hearing is being held for the compensation lawsuit filed against Ashraf’s murderer Mohamed Adel. Ashraf’s family are demanding that Adel pay a financial compensation of LE 10 million. This compensation lawsuit is going to continue on even after Adel’s death sentence. A lawyer by the name of Khaled Abdel-Rahman said that Adel’s mum will be sued for the value of the compensation.

Prior to these court proceedings, back in Feb 2023, the Court of Cassation rejected the murder’s appeal and sentenced Adel to death by hanging. The murder of Ashraf was back in early June of 2022. On one particular day, after Ashraf arrived to university, she ended up getting repeatedly stabbed in front of the gates of Mansoura University. The killer later admitted to murdering her because she rejected all his advances.

The entire case was one that stirred outrage among many Arab nations. Women in Syria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Algeria and Tunisia took to social media to voice their concern over the ongoing phenomenon of violence against women especially as this particular murder inspired a series of copycat kills. Today, Ashraf’s family is hoping for a semblance of justice by pushing for the compensation.

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