When she said no, he hurt her, then he ended her life

by Mervat Mohsen

The killing of a college student in broad daylight in the city of Mansoura, 120km northeast of Cairo, by a stalker and a disillusioned young man, has reverberated across the country. College student Mohamed Adel had been planning the murder of a fellow student over time. The killer knifed Nayera outside the Mansoura University campus several times in a heinous act that prompted an immediate reaction by the Prosecutor General. The Public Prosection issued a statement that assuaged the people demanding justice for the innocent victim. In consecutive statements, the Prosecutor General announced the arraignment of Mohamed Adel on charges of premeditated murder of a female student, Nayera, outside Mansoura University gates. The Public Prosecution heard testimonies from thirty witnesses in an expedited move after the senseless murder rattled all social strata.

The suspect confessed how he planned the murder for some time after Nayera refused to marry him. According to the girl’s parents and a colleague, a two month old restraining order was issued against the killer who still continued to pester the girl with unwanted, unprovoked attention. At the murder scene, a University security guard apprehended the killer, disabling him and took away his knife with the help of onlookers. The story led to much community anger, serving as a reminder that women are still globally objectified, ascertaining that blocking unwarranted advances can still pose a dangerous threat to victims.

One neighbor described the killer as disillusioned, saying he imagined that he and the victim were in love despite her blocking him and reporting him to the police. Another family postponed a wedding ceremony in honor of the deceased student. Nayera’s father said his daughter was not thinking of marriage. The girl’s uncle seized the opportunity to condemn actor Mohamed Ramadan for striking a degenerate role model among the youth.

Egyptian Islamic Scholar, Mabrook Attia caused uproar due to controversial remarks during a livestream video where he kicked off by mourning Nayera’s life and then discussing what women ought to be wearing in order to deter unwanted advances. Social media was in an uproar over Attia’s closing comments, “a girl should wear the hijab so that she can continue living and not tempt men.” Attia later retracted his remarks following a report by the National Council for Women to the public prosecution condemning Attia’s remarks adding that incited violence against women.

Nayera’s murder sparked outrage. The Public Prosecution reacted swiftly and parents are beginning to think of ways to stand up to stalkers and other perps who cannot deal with rejection rejection. Friends of the late student formed a charity fund in honour of their friend.

According to psychologists, psychotic stalkers are ‘disconnected from reality’. It is believed that 87 % of stalkers are men while young vulnerable women are the majority targets. Experts believe the best way to ward off stalkers is to report them while avoid traveling and moving alone.

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