What Your Nail Polish Color Says About You

Believe it or not, your favourite nail polish colour does say a lot about you! Aside from your sense of fashion and style, the color you pick to paint your nails with can reflect your interests, lifestyle and personality. Get to know yourself through your favorite nail polish color.


1. Neons

You are a party animal! Your nails are always bright and seeking attention. You are outgoing and not afraid to try anything new as you’re up for anything.

2. Reds

Red nails always make a statement. You are super confident and you turn heads wherever you go. If you always wear red nail polish, then you are simply daring and bold.

3. Darks (Blue, black and brown)

Dark shades are always your pick when it comes to nail polish? Then you’re rebellious! Dark hues of nail polish show how you like to stand against the norm and opt to make a difference. You are not like anyone else. It also shows a sensitive yet tough side of your personality.

4. Nude (Light pink and beige)

You are delicate and super feminine. You have a style of your own and never follow trends blindly. It also shows that you’re simple and sophisticated.

5. French Manicure 

You are more on the classic side. Also, you like to be ‘naturel’ most of the time but with a stylish twist. You take extra care of your nails and like to embrace their beauty with simple french nail art.

6. Shimmery (Gold and silver)

Shimmery colours are well tailored for a glamorous woman. You like to be trendy and fashionable. You like to shine bright like a diamond along with your nails as well.

7. Pastels (Lavender, mint and baby blue)

You are youthful and cute at the same time. Pastels tell a story of a creative girl who always likes to experience new things.