8 Reasons Why You Should Date a Journalist

Journalism is a profession that stands out among others because of the eclectic variety of skills it requires of a person. Yes, it seems unusual to date a writer. But here are some reasons why you should take up the challenge:


1. Journalists are adventurous


Stemming from their passion to explore the world, journalists love to discover places and travel to destinations where no one usually goes. They are always looking for new experiences (also potential “news stories”) and never get tired of unfolding opportunities. Journalists will take you to places you have never been before because they consider “adventures” to be part of their job description. You have nothing to worry about when planning a trip with a journalist as they usually know someone everywhere – their contact list is a true treasure.


2. Journalists know details

Reporter's notebook

Journalists are knowledgeable and well-informed people. They see and know more than ordinary people should know. They have an opinion about every damn thing, from the Geneva II talks to Shakira and Rihanna’s new video, so if you start a conversation with them they will know how to keep it going. Journalists not only have a lot of stories to tell, they are also good listeners. That’s what makes them good friends and partners.


3. Journalists are dependable


Experienced with a wide range of information and circumstances, journalists always have suggestions and solutions to your problems. Because they spend most of their time reading and studying content, you won’t spend long hours explaining things. They will quickly understand what you really want to be done and in what way. They have the ability to get things done no matter the obstacle and always have Plan B, which is a skill acquired after dealing with sources who never pick up the phone.


4. Journalists show their feelings


Striving to know the truth, journalists appreciate honesty (also known as “transparency” in their dictionary) more than anything. They won’t be afraid to tell you how they feel towards you and will respect you if you do the same. They know well how to show their love and they can write you awesome love letters. Don’t be surprised if their birthday gift to you was something you wished for six months ago in a quick morning call – they remember everything!


5. Journalists have principles


Journalists always believe in causes and have dreams for a better future. They passionately fight for their beliefs, which make them more attractive than the rest. They won’t change their mind just because a situation changes and they won’t break up with you because you’ve become busier. Once they love, they love deeply.


6. Journalists appreciate every moment


After continuous exposure to “breaking news”, working under tight deadlines and eating their lunch at their desks because there’s never time for a lunch break, journalists know how to best use every moment. They live their on-the-go life to the fullest. They will love it if you plan a weekend trip out of town together and will know how to make each moment a decent memory.


7. Journalists accept “the other”


Journalists know well that all of humanity won’t agree on the same opinion, so they will love you for who you are. They will never push you to a limit you don’t feel comfortable with, of course because they understand the suffering of being pushed by editors to submit stories by a tight deadline. Writing different topics every day, they understand that people change and sometimes their needs change as well.


8. Journalists love freedom


Journalists hate restrictions, stupid laws and authorities. They understand the need for space. For this reason, you know you can have free time to yourself every now and then. They won’t ask you to spend 24/7 with them because they understand that one needs to recharge from time to time. So yeah, a relationship with a journalist won’t harm your friendships. However, a journalist will be as committed to your relationship as they are committed to their readers.


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