Muslim Preacher Encourages Parents to Lock Their Daughter for Taking off the Veil

Via India
Via India


Islamic preacher, Souad Saleh, received a phone call on her show from a crying Egyptian mother who was seeking advice about her daughter who recently took off the veil.


According to the mother, the 18-year-old daughter has been locked inside the house ever since she took off her veil. The daughter even missed out on attending her final exam because her parents won’t let her out without her wearing the veil.


You’d think that Saleh would advise the mother to not lock her daughter like a prisoner, or at least tell her that religious decisions should be taken with conviction, but no. Saleh’s reply, however, was “of course.” The preacher added that she showed support to the parents’ action and later blamed  ‘women’s rights advocates.’ She finished by sarcastically saying that ‘how can people think women have rights for their bodies.’


This case is extremely problematic because Saleh basically encouraged the parents into thinking that locking up your kid, and making them miss important exams is acceptable.



Watch the video below:




WE SAID THIS: Saleh has previously went on her show and said that slavery for non-Muslims is halal.