Muslim Miss Universe Contestant Makes History by Not Wearing a Bikini

Miss Universe Great Britain contestant Muna Jama, who happens to be Muslim, just made history by refusing to wear a bikini on stage — opting for a caftan instead.


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This marks the first time in the world where a contestant was allowed to wear a caftan on the stage during the competition, which comes off slightly surprising due to the current stigma revolving burkinis and conservative swimwear.


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Post-competition, the contestant reported that her utter refusal to wear a bikini is what allowed her to defy the competition’s rule. Jama’s stand against the competition reflects her strength. In addition, the act of bending the rules which was done by the pageant promotes women empowerment.



WE SAID THIS: Hearing about such an incident triggers one to think that people are not yet absolutely against Islam and that equality is beginning to arise from the ashes once again.