Pakistani Entrepreneur’s App Helps Muslims Practice Polygamy “Respectfully”

Polygamy has always been a thorny topic, so it wasn’t surprising when British Muslim entrepreneur Azad Chaiwala came under fire after his website ‘’ made it in the country’s headlines. The online service, first launched in 2014, facilitates Muslim polygamous marriages.

As a teenager, Chaiwala came to the realization that he was polyamorous, and instead of adopting a mainstream, monogamous view on marriage, he decided to share his life with more than just one person. Reaching adulthood, the Muslim entrepreneur realized that finding a second wife wasn’t easy. In fact, he found websites catering to every “niche, desire, and fetish” except his own.

Frustrated, the businessman decided to launch his very own online matchmaking service for Muslims looking for polygamous marriages. Two years later, he launched ‘,’ a website that helps non-Muslims find multiple partners.

However, controversy arose in Britain when it was revealed that ‘’ does not cater to women looking for multiple husbands. The 37-year-old believes that this was not a “viable business model.”

“I think polygamy is more in tune with [man’s] nature than monogamy,” Chaiwala said in an interview with Business Insider

So far, membership in ‘’ is nearing 70,000 subscribers, and is responsible for more than 100 happy marriages, with many couples sending Chaiwala thank you letters.

Although a successful businessman and polyamorous matchmaker, the British Muslim has been unlucky in his personal search for a second wife, but fear not for hope is not lost, as Chaiwala says it’s still early and promises to ultimately settle with three wives.

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