From Local to International, This Arab-Based Program Aims to Expand Your Mobile App Startups

The international company Huawei, is expanding exponentially in the Middle East with its new program, launching a program in order to support mobile app startups. The Huawei AppGallery currently has more than 530 million monthly active users throughout 170 countries. In addition, their new program will offer the MENA region a unique chance, and this should go without saying, the MENA region will not disappoint. This initiative will help the new applications on the AppGallery, and further increase the chances in growing their userbase through Huawei’s app store. The 15 mobile applications that have been selected have received massive support since the beginning of April!

More on the process

Via Huawei

Huawei undertook a meticulous selection process in order to determine who will benefit from this program. The criteria on which the apps wore chosen for the program are based on the location of the companies, how new the companies are, and the size of their userbase. The smaller the company, the higher the chances are of booming, and the better it is in serving as a valuable investment for Huawei to support. This first edition of the initiative includes apps for shopping, sports, social, education, health, and multiple other categories, in order to support digital industries and companies. These small local businesses attribute massively to developing the AppGallery itself and enhancing it. Consequently, it’s a win-win situation.

“As part of Huawei’s strategy, we are committed to assisting startups to achieve their business goals by giving them the support they need within the app development community,” said Said Lu Geng, Vice President of the Middle East, according to Guld Business. “We believe that most of today’s startups will be the popular apps of the future, and we will ensure that they are available on AppGallery to meet our users’ needs,” added Geng.

This initiative will certainly broaden the possibilities for a brighter future for Huawei in the Middle East. Aside from having multiple users in the MENA region and selling their products throughout the region, they are not providing opportunities for startup businesses as well. This is to ensure the success of mobile applications reaching global audiences, and we are all for it!

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